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Pet Coats

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We have made 5 sizes of pet coats.  They range from extra small to extra large.  They are all polyster, so no shrinkage; the outer layer is fleece, and the inner layer is made from lining used in people coats; batting sewn to a poly satin lining.  

The neck and ribcage of the coats have velcro strips so there is adjustment for neck size and girth.

extra small - neck to back 10", back 7.5" girth strap 7", neck 13-17"

small - neck to back 12", back 11", girth strap 7", neck 16-20"

medium - neck to back 16", back 13", girth strap 8", neck 18-22"

large - neck to back 19", back 15", girth strap 9", neck 21-25"

extra large - neck to back 24", back 24", girth strap 12", neck 24-28"